Sycophant (2020)
Psithurism - EP (2019)
Bloodlust (2019)

Psithurism is a heavy metal project I started in 2017 in my parents basement. Initially, I only wrote music with my longtime friend and drummer from high school but I was lucky enough to encounter my future band-mates later on. Beside writing and playing guitar, I develop a lot of the creative & video content for the band in addition to coordinating our social media calendar & marketing strategy.

Being the nerd that I am, I push for a lot of our work to be done in-house since I relish the opportunity to say "We did ALL of that!"

Production | Engineering | Composition | Marketing | Live

"Their first release as a group, the Psithurism – EP is a strong freshman effort and promising entry into the deathcore and hardcore scenes. Akin to metal icons like Humanity’s Last Breath, Fit For An Autopsy, Mudvayne, and Suicide Silence, Chicago natives Psithurism create brutal industrial mayhem in their self-produced debut. Layered with ambience, brood, and head jerking rhythm, these tracks deliver punishing riffs and haunting soundscapes."

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All Recent Work